Discover an innovative channel to take your land-based casino to the next level!

Driving revenue and providing steady profitability is the primary purpose of  every business since without profit it will simply collapse. To keep their business running well and to increase the revenue stream, entrepreneurs usually undertake the following steps:


  • Expand the business boundaries
  • Seek new profit-making opportunities
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses
In this sense, casinos are no exception. Casino owners ensure consistent income through the successful development and implementation of  new strategies that make players put more money on the table. Here we’ve got some profit-boosting tips to help you remarkably increase your land-based casino revenue without any extra cash investment.

Less Space, More Profit:
Adding New Options for Your Players

Most casino owners often face the challenge of fitting all the simultaneous players on the same casino floor. Regardless of a casino’s size, increasing the number of simultaneous players can positively affect your profitability.
So, how to increase the number of ‘’seats’’ available around a limited number of roulette tables without adding new facilities? It won’t be wise to blow your chance of having more players just because of space limitations, will it?


The simplest straightforward solution would be to expand the physical space of your casino and add a few extra roulette tables. However, reconstructing the venue or adding new gaming tables and machines, alongside hiring more employees, will not come cheap. What if we said that it could really be possible to increase the number of simultaneous players without enormous extra costs?


From the return-on-investment (ROI) point of view, we’ve got a more efficient solution that will help you tackle the problem of space limitations and accommodate thousands of gamblers playing simultaneously both in the physical venue and online, all served by a single dealer.


By applying the Online solution to your land-based casino you can reach the level of serving thousands of players at a time. Simply broadcast the live video of a table game from your land-based casino through multiple channels (online, mobile and terminals) and give thousands of players an exceptional chance to join the same game from anywhere in the world. With  live video broadcast, more and more players will be authorised to enjoy playing the same game without any space limitations, be it Live Roulette, BlackJack or any other one on the list.


An additional source of income, a free GGR display option, an individual backoffice and an opportunity to serve hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously from one table!


This is what Online Solution for land-based casinos offers you. And it  will never affect the game flow in any way.


So, isn’t this a good enough reason to save money and double or even triple your player base?

New Channel to Gain Player Loyalty

Attracting players and establishing long-term relationships with them can be another challenging aspect for land-based casino owners. The thing is that people treat casinos as places of amusement where they gamble, have fun, and win money. Yet, for various reasons, such as time and distance limitations, it is not always that people can make it  to casinos.


What if you gave them a chance to play at your casino even without being physically present there ? No, no, we are not talking time and space travel. We just suggest that you should give your players an exceptional opportunity to gamble regardless of their location and still stay committed to your brand, even if they are  thousands of miles away from your casino building. Remote gambling is one of the most effective ways to maintain  player loyalty, especially when you deal with tourists who’ve got very little time on their hands to play at your casino.
According to a recent survey conducted by the Gambling Commission, 46% of gamblers play, being driven by the desire to win, and 19% play to win BIG (jackpot).
So, if winning is the driving force behind most players’ desire to gamble  (as opposed to mere fun), let them give it a go from anywhere they want.


Live broadcast of your land-based casino events can be a practical means to interact with your players directly at any time, from anywhere on the globe, and to keep them engaged with new online offers. It is also an effective way to sustain player loyalty not only to your physical building but also to your brand, thus generating profit even without having them play on your casino floor in person.

Multichannel Bonus Program

Bonus and reward systems are tested paths to gamblers’ hearts. It is no coincidence that to gamblers bonus programmes are decisive factors when it comes to giving preference to this or that casino. As you can see from the chart below, almost 70% of players view free spins and free bet offers as important factors affecting their choice of casino. Whereas 60% and 59% of players respectively assign specific importance to promos, special offers, and bonuses.
If you wish to get the most out of bonus programmes as a casino owner, we suggest you use reward programmes for attracting more players to your land-based casino via Live Casino games, and vice versa. For instance, you can offer cashback to your land-based casino players  if they play your Live Casino. Or just use Live Casino games to give away tickets that will steer your players to the land-based casino floor. The multichannel bonus programme is a win-win situation for both your land-based casino and your online channel. It will allow you to kill two birds with one stone and keep your players equally loyal to your brand’s physical and online branches. Betting terminals can also serve as effective channels for motivating players to take part in online games and make bets from any spot in your land-based casino.

Bet Behind Feature: Side Benefit of Live Casino

The Bet Behind feature complements Live Casino by allowing Live Blackjack players to make bets on other players’ hands online. Online players can bet behind any number of other players. If the original/actual  player wins, the bettor wins too, and vice versa. Players may want to choose the Bet Behind feature for several reasons:


  • To make the waiting time more entertaining  if there are currently no seats available at the table
  • To gain experience by watching other gamblers play
  • To enhance the chance of bigger winnings alongside playing Blackjack


Whatever the reason, the Bet Behind feature opens up new and captivating possibilities for casino owners to generate more profit from the same game in two parallel ways: actual  players on the one hand and behind players bettors on the other.


Overall, the implementation of Online Solution for land-based casinos helps casino owners discover better alternatives for growth without any additional strain on their resources.


Broadcasting live, directly from the venue, presents land-based casino owners with new sources of profit without them investing extra cash on space and facility expansion. It is a proven way to get rid of space and time limitations set for players, as well as establishing loyalty to the brand, not to buildings. 
So, if casino owners want to gain a competitive edge with some innovation and build an online player base, they should definitely consider setting up an online version of their venue.


Broadcast your land-based casino events live and use the online version of the most popular poker game as a bonus offer. Bet on Poker is an exceptional feature of Live Casino that can remarkably boost the efficiency of your land-based casino.
Live Bet on Poker is a new unique betting experience in poker. Unlike the regular poker, there are no other players around the table in Live Bet on Poker and you play  only with Live Dealer.


Simply put, this kind of poker has no option to bluff (call more) with bad cards. Live Bet on Poker starts with Live Dealer shuffling and picking out poker cards one by one. After the 6 card pairs are laid on the table, online poker players can make bets on each hand and see the odds accordingly.

Less Space, More Profit:
Adding New Options for Your Players